Signau Finance can approach investments in many ways. In most cases, one of the following options are used.

  • Interest only loan: Signau Finance can make an interest only finance loan to a client. These loans are personalized and usually made without collateral. Because of the high risk, the current interest rate on an investment loan is 10%.
  • Joint investment: Signau will partner with a client to invest in an opportunity. Together we will decide the split of ownership and Signau will cover the investment amount for both parties. Payback will usually include the client amount of capital within a certain period of time. In the right scenario, the earned interest can pay off the loaned capital so the partner has zero out of pocket expense.
  • Ownership: If a client is working on a startup, or have a current business that needs capital, Signau Finance can invest the capital in exchange for ownership equity.
  • Referral Fee: If a client has an opportunity to refer, Signau Finance will pay a referral fee for an introduction if the relationship ends in an investment.